Lie Detector Test- A Summary

At the moment, the lie detector is the most reliable way to detect lies. The lie detector is a device that captures the physiological changes in the human body. These changes (reactions) are indicators on which one can determine whether a person is lying or not. What is lie detection with a polygraph (lie detector)? This is, first of all, a comparison of changes in psycho physiological reactions to correctly selected questions and an assessment of these changes in dynamics.Get Redirected Here at

The lie detector captures more than 9 parameters (respiration, skin-galvanic reflex, cardiovascular activity, etc.). And to deceive a lie detector, it is necessary to control all 9 parameters. But it’s just physically impossible. A person can control no more than 4 parameters at a time. If you control the pulse and breath, you will be given sweating or any other parameter. In addition, the lie detector detects and sees all attempts to counteract the polygraph. That is why, the polygraph gives the correct result in 100% of cases, and the mistakes sometimes arising during the testing are related to the inexperience or fatigue of the polygraph examiner.

These technologies have been utilized by major companies and governmental organizations for many years. Through our remote telephone and service we now bring this technology to you and to any size organization for a reasonable price. Our clients have access to these professional lie detection services at a fraction of the price.
If you are pursuing a career in high security settings or of a politically sensitive nature, this test may be part of the interview process. Perhaps you are implicated in possible criminal involvement. This test is then part and parcel in determining whether you are worth the authorities’ further attention. Whichever the case may be, it is essential to remain calm throughout the process.

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