Heads Up Poker Strategy

A poker game is said to be heads up when only two players face off against each other. No matter how many players play, the basic rules remain the same, as per the variant being played.Click to Read more about poker online Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

However, due to the fact that it is a one-on-one playoff, the game dynamics as well as the psychological factors play out differently. To put it in more relatable terms, heads up poker is like playing chess with cards instead of chessmen.

Heads up games and tournaments are often played online, and are usually between players who know each other personally or at least know each other’s playing style and skill level.

A well thought out strategy often helps you win more consistently in heads up games. For one thing, your typical hand values change, and you do not fold quite as often. In fact, typical heads-up play would see you playing at least two-thirds of all your hands. Speaking in broad terms, a winning heads up strategy is to chip away at your opponent’s stack by taking cheap pots consistently and taking control of the game.

Every had need not be played, but you do not always need a very strong hand to call or raise. It is important to be aware that lesser players also means a lesser likelihood of the other player having a very strong hand.

Patience can be counter-productive in heads up. Aggression pays in this form of poker, and naturally aggressive players, even bullies, have a better chance of winning.

Consider an aggressive heads up player to be a wolf looking for a kill. Don’t give him a chance to take your chips. If you want to be a tight and aggressive heads up poker player then you need to play hands which you would feel comfortable going all in with. I like to call it the “put up or shut up” approach. Keep in mind that you need not apply this strategy if your opponent is not an aggressive player, but only if you find yourself up against a blood thirsty, aggressive, head hunting opponent.

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