Fundamental Aspects Of Wedding Photography

As the photographer, I use this sheet at the wedding interview which is usually 6 weeks prior to the big day, to make a shoot check-list for use on the day. You’ll notice that the sheet includes other elements regarding the venue and meal timings. This prompts discussion about the suitability of the location (for taking pictures) and any plans for an alternative should the weather be inclement.Get the facts at photo booth for Asian weddings website.

Depending on the required photography, it is then possible to advise the likely time needed to actually get the pictures. Factors to take into consideration would be the travel time between locations and the time of the wedding breakfast. A proposed timetable of events can then be realistically agreed. The best advice I can offer couples is to build in a little extra time for you to be together for a breather – it’s going to be a long day and night….!

Having prepared a draft wedding photography checklist, it is emailed to the couple for approval. Sometimes there are some alterations and these are easily made before going to press. Sufficient copies can then be distributed on the day to enable ushers to help gather folk together for their part in the proceedings. Do remember to warn folk beforehand that they’ll be needed or else they’ll stop off somewhere along the road and everyone will have to wait!

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